Pre-Order Policy

Please read the following regarding our PRE-ORDER Policy. 

  • Due to the limited nature of the items we sell, we offer our buyers the chance to Pre - Order products that have yet to be released in order to secure a certain item before its release. 
  • If you order a mix of pre-order and in stock items, we will wait until all items are in stock to ship the whole order. 
  • If an item is marked Pre-Order it means that this item is not live in our warehouse and we are waiting for it to arrive from the manufacturer. 
  • The advantage of pre-ordering is that it ensures that you will receive highest priority in order fulfillment. We fill pre-orders based on the order in which they are received and offer 5% to 10% off the in stock price of the item. Simply put, pre-ordering ensures you receive the item first and at a great discount.
  • The month listed as the shipping month is the most current information we have. Please note that if we are in the month in which an item is due to ship and it is still marked as a Pre-Order, then we are still waiting for it to arrive. On the day it arrives we will mark the item as IN STOCK. 
  • Generally estimated arrival dates are accurate, however it is not uncommon for manufacturers to miss dates of delivery. Please check item pages for the most up to date information on availability
  •   All pre-order items must be paid for in advance. Your order may be cancelled at any time before the item is shipped and you will NOT be subject to cancellation fees.
  • If you have any questions regarding our pre-order policies, please email us: